Why is Fuelzee called Fuelzee, and not Fuelzy?

Why is Fuelzee called Fuelzee, and not Fuelzy?
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What a great question!

To answer this correctly, I need to tell you how I came up with Fuelzee. So let’s take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to April 2012.

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I am a serial entrepreneur who has started a few companies and has had some success in my past, but in March 2012 I had to close down one of my companies. It was a bummer, but it was the right thing to do. Immediately after that I was introduced to a new event called BarCamp, which is known as a unconference, and you can learn more about that here. I was told I should speak at the event, but I didn’t know what I was going to talk about. I came up with the awesome idea of pitching 15 business ideas in 15 minutes, this way I could start another business.

To come up with the ideas, I decided to hangout at my house and have a few drinks to think of all the problems out there in the real world. I came up with some great ideas and some are large businesses today. Those ideas don’t matter too much since I didn’t start them, but if you want to know what they are just tweet me.

When I was just over halfway through (8 or so ideas), I decided I needed to take a break and watch some TV. I was thinking of ideas by just listening to music in my front yard for about 3 hours at this point. When I went inside and turned on the TV (at 1am) I hit the DVR and noticed a 60 minutes  I had not seen yet. I flipped that on and started watching,  it was all about the gas industry and how they are still building oil refineries and oil rigs in the Middle East. At a certain point in the show they were at an oil refinery, which cost $12 billion to build and would not be complete for 20 years. The reporter thought this was crazy and assumed in 20 years our dependency on oil would decrease.

The reporter asked the Middle Eastern man (who owned the new refinery) why would he be building something so massive when we should see a decline in oil/gas consumption because of electric, hydrogen and overall green cars. His response resonates with me still today. He simply laughed and looked at her like she was a stupid American, and said “No matter what you think gas consumption is not going to go down in 20 years, if anything it will go up. The world is dependent on gasoline, and we will make sure we have enough to meet demands.”

This got me to think about how much buying gas sucked, and how it is a problem everyone faces in America. Not to mention the billions of folks around the world who buy gas on a daily basis. This was something that affected so many people, and with demand getting higher, prices would only get higher at the pumps. This is a problem I wanted to solve, and this is how Fuelzee was born.

I immediately went back outside and started playing on my phone and computer to see who else was trying to help consumers find the best gas price. There were a few apps that did it, but none did it to a standard or user experience I would prefer. I decided within 15 minutes after watching that 60 minutes that this was the problem I needed to solve; I could help so many people if I could figure out how to make buying gas not suck.

Ok, now I get to the name part. I started trying to figure out what to call it, but very early on I knew I could not use the word ‘Gas’ in the name. If I used ‘Gas’ in the name, I could never expand to other energy sources for powering a car. I immediately turned to Fuel because no matter what you are putting in your car, electric, hydrogen, water, or natural gas it is all fueling your car. The word fuel just worked better across multiple verticals.

As I started thinking more about it, I wanted to created something fun, and my first thought was how can I use that word, add something to it and make it fun. All of a sudden I came up with Fuelzy. I got on my GoDaddy account and tried to buy the name, but someone already had it. I was so upset that someone had already purchased Fuelzy, and felt defeated. I then figured I could just use two EE’s on the end instead. I searched for the name, it was available, and I pounced.

Within four days of that evening, I designed the first version of Fuelzee and pitched it to a crowd of people at BarCamp Orlando. The response was great, people identified with the problem and what I was trying to do. Since then we have changed the design, and some minor tweaks to the model, but my vision has always been simple. I wanted to make the gas purchasing experience better and fun for everyone. If I can save billions of people money on gas, and get them discounts at their favorite brands, I would be happy.

I still have not been able to get the domain Fuelzy, nor have the owners of the domain been willing to make themselves known, but one day we will hopefully own that domain too. We will always be known as Fuelzee, and I am so happy to have started this brand.

Well, there you have it that is how we became to be known as Fuelzee.


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