Tony Stewart Video – Tragic Accident

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Tony Stewart, NASCAR driver, hit and killed a man on Saturday night. Tony Stewart was racing on a dirt track race when another driver got out of their vehicle and stepped onto the track, incidentally leading to him being run over by Tony Stewart.

Kevin Ward JR. was died only moment after being run over by Stewart, but how did this all happen?

Both of them men were racing on the dirt track, when you will notice Stewart accidentally clips Ward’s front end and pushed him into the wall. this clearly upset Ward and he got out of his vehicle to confront Stewart, and paid with his life. It is unclear of how Stewart hit and ran over Ward, but it is clear that Ward put himself in harms way by getting out of his vehicle and jumping in front of a race car.

Stewart who is scheduled to race today, has decided to not race and let Regan Smith sub for him.

This is a tragic event and our hearts go out the Ward family.

“Everything that’s been made available to us at this time would not preclude (Stewart) from participating in this event here today,” NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp said earlier Sunday morning.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends and competitors and everyone involved at that complex up there,” Tharp said. “While it was a non-NASCAR-sanctioned event, everyone in the motorsports community has feelings for these types of situations. We’ve been through them before.” (Kelly Tharp continued)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted: “We will all loose someone in our time. When a loss is sudden and unexpected, the pain & sadness is suffocating. Prayers for the Ward family.”

The Cheez-It 355 will start off with Jeff Gordon leading the pole.


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