Speedy Rewards Add Up Fast With Speedway Bonus Points

Speedy Rewards Add Up Fast With Speedway Bonus Points
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Don’t put your tongue on a frozen flagpole. Avoid yellow snow. And start the day with a cup of steaming hot coffee. Those are a few of the winter survival lessons I learned growing up in Pennsylvania.

Now years after moving to Florida and trading my snow boots for flip-flops, I still remember those bitter cold mornings chiseling away with an ice scraper after the car reluctantly sputtered to life. That’s where the coffee comes in.

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It’s part soothing beverage – and part hand warmer.

I’m convinced no one ever starts drinking coffee because they love the flavor. The initial attraction is all about caffeine and warmth. As a kid, I noticed that a big part of adult “coffee culture” during the winter involved bending slightly forward with the shoulders hunched up to the ears … back to the wind … and both hands gripped tightly around a coffee cup.

Back then, the only thing between my 10 digits and frostbite was a pair of damp mittens with the insulating properties of a Kleenex. However, the men and women I walked past on the way to school held cups filled with a life-saving brew of 200-degree water and ground coffee beans.

Clearly that was the way to go.

Fast forward to late 2014. Friday-night lights are giving way to Jack-o’-lanterns in towns across the Frost Belt. Old Man Winter is almost here, so coffee consumption is about to spike. This year you can earn freebies every time you buy a cup o’ Joe.

If you live in one of the 23 states with Speedway gas stations and convenience stores, check out their Speedy Rewards program. You collect points from all purchases at the pump, and most things you buy inside the store.

Among the items available for purchase with points: Coffee, baby!

Any size cup of Speedway’s new improved house blend is just 1,000 points. Or you can buy a nice hot chocolate for 1,000 points. That way no one is left out.

Earning Speedy Rewards is EasySpeedway rewards logo

Speedway says earning points is “Fast, Free & Easy!” You automatically receive 20 points for every dollar spent on most food, merchandise and drinks, and 10 points per gallon of fuel. Rewards stack up even faster when you buy any of the gold-starred “bonus points” products.

Recent bonuses included 500 extra points with the purchase of three 20-ounce soft drinks, and 100 bonus points on two Frito Lay Matador Sticks.

Click here to see the current list of bonus point products.

In the Speedy Rewards Online Mall, you can shop for products ranging from home improvement and apparel to electronics and travel. Start your virtual shopping trip in the Online Mall, click on the deal or store you want, and then automatically earn points on each purchase.

If you already have a Speedy Rewards card and are collecting points, be sure to register your card online or at an in-store terminal so you can redeem them.

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Hassle-Free Payment Options

Life is full of choices: Paper or plastic. Dine in or takeout. Credit or debit.

When it comes to that last one, Speedway offers several options. You can get a Speedy Rewards Pay Card tied to your checking account. Or choose a Speedway credit card with no annual fee. There are even credit cards for fleet managers who need to monitor vehicle performance and operating costs.

Using the Speedy Rewards Pay Card as your payment method is a quick way to pay and earn points at the same time without using both a credit card and a Speedy Rewards Card. The money for the purchase comes right out of your checking account without any transaction fees or holds.

With the Speedy Rewards MasterCard, restricted items are never an issue. You receive points for all purchases made with the MasterCard.

Learn more about payment options on Speedway’s credit and debit page.


Redemption Day

Swipe your Speedy Rewards card every time
you purchase fuel at Speedway or buy any qualifying item inside the store. After the points add up, redeeming them is easy as long as you already registered your card.

To redeem, simply find the Speedy Rewards terminal inside a Speedway location, scan your card, and press the “redeem points” button. Scan your Speedy Rewards card and touch the “redeem points” button. Select the reward you want, and the machine will print a coupon. The system automatically deducts the required number of points from your account.

Here are a few examples of what you can buy with Speedy Rewards points. For 1,650 points, you get a 2-liter bottle of Coke. A hot lunch sandwich is only 1,750 points. And 5,500 points buys a “The Works” car wash.

Higher point levels open up more possibilities, with gift cards from restaurants and major retailers such as Macy’s and Bass Pro Shops.

And if you live anywhere north of the Fuelzee global headquarters in Orlando, don’t forget to pick up an ice scraper next time you stop at Speedway. If this winter is anything like the last one – you will definitely need that scraper to go with your coffee.


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