July Fourth Brings High Shooting Fireworks and Higher Gas Prices

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Prices keep rising, and the 4th of July is smack dabbed in the middle of the highest gas prices since 2008. If you are planning to go watch fireworks for the Fourth of July, you might want to think about where you buy your gas as much as where you watch your fireworks.

The turmoil in Iraq has left much of the gas market in a haze, which is never good for our pockets. Prices are expected to be $3.68 a gallon for regular, which is up over 17 cents since last year. This a little below the all-time high of $4.11 a gallon set on July 4th, 2008, but with uncertainty in Iraq we are not sure when prices will go back down.

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Even with prices rising we don’t expect many Americans to slow down their crave for fireworks. The current regular gas price average is still well below its all time high, and many Americans have even said gas prices no longer affect how they think the economy is doing.

Gas prices may be high, but don’t let that stop you from seeing the following firework shows. Here is a list of places to catch the fireworks around the country.

Heading toward Chicago?

The Navy Pier is one of the most well known places to see fireworks year round in Chicago. This year for the Fourth of July it is expected to be one of the biggest yet. Come out and see the fireworks explode for free at the Navy Pier.

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What About Orlando Fireworks?

With so many options to see fireworks in Orlando it makes it hard to choose just one for the fourth of July. You can go to the Disney World Fireworks, Universal fireworks, Sea World fireworks, Downtown fireworks or one of the many surrounding communities fireworks. To see the biggest fireworks show in the county (Orange), we recommend you to head over to Altamonte Springs for their Red White and Boom festivities. They will have multiple national acts present for the fireworks and this is an event you don’t want to miss. For more information see:

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Maybe you’re near San Francisco?

I have to say, San Francisco is one of our favorite cities to visit, and the fourth of July is no exception. Inside the city of San Francisco, there is only one main hot spot to see the fireworks. We recommend hitting up Pier 39 and getting on one of the many floats that watch the show from the water. You can learn more here.

Not in downtown San Francisco, or want other options, check this out.


Driving through Pittsburgh for the Fourth?

Being from Pittsburgh it is one of my favorite cities for fireworks. The setup at the Point in downtown Pittsburgh is just perfect for it. As always there is one main spot to be, and that is near the Point Fountain, looking up. This year the three River Regatta will be going on from the 2nd – 4th and 10,000’s of people will be there to party with you. Learn more at

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Heading through New Orleans?

They are one of the most respected in Fourth of July Fireworks shows. With the lovely Mississippi at their doorstep, they have a wonderful place to take a barge down and shoot those fireworks off. The “Go fourth on the River” has been rated in the top 5 fireworks displays by the National Pyrotechnics Association. Learn more about their festivities here.

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