How the Latest Commercial Vehicle Parts Help Trucks Last Longer

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When looking to purchase a truck, how do you choose between new and used? While new trucks have their advantages, so do used trucks. Before making any purchase it is best to do research online. Know your intended use for the vehicle and what features you are seeking, this will help in your search.

Advantages of Used Trucks

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Purchasing a used truck is less expensive and generally the vehicle will prove to be just as reliable as a new one. When purchasing used you won’t be faced with the drastic depreciation in value of your vehicle. Certain make and model used trucks are also included in the manufacturers certified used vehicle program. This is a used vehicle refurbishment and warranty program which may also include special incentives and financing options. Many used trucks offer a solid track record for drivetrain, engine and transmission dependability.

Why Trucks are Long Lasting

Trucks are built with more power and towing capability. Therefore, parts are made stronger and made to last. The majority of truck owners use their vehicle for different types of business which may include hauling and towing. Therefore, trucks are more apt to receive the regularly scheduled maintenance to maintain optimal vehicle performance. Most trucks are easier to service and the cost for replacement parts is less expensive. This leads to more frequent repairs outside of regularly scheduled maintenance and therefore a longer life. After researching I found that Ford and Chevy have the best vehicle longevity and replacement parts are affordable. Other leading trucks were Toyota and GMC.

How to Pick the Best Used Truck

When in the market for buying, know how much you wish to spend before searching, and again keep in mind your intended use. When choosing a vehicle ask for maintenance records if available, a highly maintained vehicle will have greater longevity.

Test drives the vehicle. Listen for knocks or thuds in the engine, monitor shifting and check the brakes. Check fluid levels on flat ground and inspect the outer engine surface for dirt, grease or oil. Large amounts of these substances on the engine can mean the vehicle was not well cared for.

Mileage is important, but not necessarily the number of miles. If a truck has high miles try to find out whether the miles were highway or city traffic. Trucks are made to last, however, highway miles are much easier on a vehicle than continuous stop and go traffic miles.

Tires may be of importance to you. Check brake fluid and grease. Inspect the tires for leaks and wear on the tread.

If your priority is a good exterior than inspect the truck panels bumper to bumper for evidence of rust or damage from a previous collision. Raised spots on the roof of the truck can mean rust damage underneath.

These are just a few tips. Trucks are built to last and regular maintenance and repair is essential. Keep that in mind when searching for your next used truck.

Author Biography:

Mark Long enjoys researching various topics and passing along tips and advice to his readers with hopes of being able to guide them in important decision making. Recently, Stanley R. Harris, a trusted distributor of commercial vehicle parts in the UK suggested valuable tips for consideration when buying a used truck for all truck owners.



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