Fuelzee Car Tips

Basically we all know what to do to maintain our cars: Change the oil and filters every 3000 miles, check all belts and hoses regularly, but here are three areas that often get neglected that are key to helping your car last in the high six digits and beyond:

• Check your Spark Plugs: The ceramic wonders of automotive science are what ignites fuel in the cylinders, thus getting the car moving. When your plugs aren’t working at optimal capacity, they lower your miles per gallon and can even hurt other parts of the car. If you decide to replace the spark plugs in stead of your mechanic, it ususally costs less than $10 a plug. Google changing spark plugs for videos on how to do this.

• Clean Fuel Injectors: Just like the spark plugs, your injectors are key to keeping your car running smooth, especially if you drive a lot of short trips, like many city commuters, or have a lot of miles on your car. The fuel injector openings are super tiny, about 50 percent the size of a pinhole, and can get easily stuffed up with sediment the finds its way into your car through the gas fill ups. Clogged fuel injectors can easily cause poor acceleration, reduced power, lower miles per gallon, poor idling and increased carbon monoxide emissions. The easiest way to maintain the fuel injectors is using an injector cleaner and stabilizer, which you can find in any auto store.

• Chang Air Filters Regularly. Depending on where you drive affects how often you should switch your filters. If you live in the country, you should change them pretty regularly due to the dusty air, which causes the filters to get dirty and can lead to a pressure drop restricting airflow, which means lower miles per gallon, performance and higher emissions. If you live in the city, you can change them less, but you still want to have them checked out anytime you get your car maintained. These are super easy to switch out, you can save upwards of 50 percent than using your mechanic. Google change air filter, and your vehicle make for tips, or check the driver’s manual.
Did You Know:
A recent study by says that car insurance is most pricey in March and the most affordable in December. The difference between those months is almost 50 percent!