Five ways to get cheap gas on a road trip

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During the summer months over 67% of America will hit the road to do a trip.  Whether you are hitting Route 66, or just making a cross-country jump. We want to help you save money every step of the way. If you’re headed to Disney World, make sure to check out our money savings tips.

1.    Don’t buy gas at rest stops

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When traveling on the highway, you may pass a lot of rest stops that are located on either the center of the highway or the side with gas stations. Typically these locations have higher prices for multiple reasons. Sometimes their rent is higher because it is on government land, or they have to abide by more state laws. They also have high demand and no competition, being the only gas station allowed on the rest area.

2.    Avoid gas stations in the middle of nowhere

This sounds weird, but it is true. When a gas station has no competition they don’t have a reason to lower their prices. They typically can charge more because their normal customer comes inside the store and doesn’t buy gas that often.  Sometimes these stores make all of their money from in-store products, and selling gas does not bring them many profits, so they simply charge more.

3.    Get a branded gas card

Many companies offer their own credit card program with benefits. Companies like Sunoco offer 5¢ off per gallon when using their credit card to purchase gas. When going on a road trip make sure you look and see which brands will be on your path. You don’t want to get trapped without having a gas card for that brand. Make sure you read the fine print of these credit cards too. Some carry a lot of limitations, and Fuelzee wants you to get the best prices all the time.

4.    Use Fuelzee to find cheap gas

Mobile apps can help you find just about anything nowadays, and gas stations are on this list. Fuelzee is a fun app full of people working together to help each other save money on gas. Just download their app, open it up and you will see a list of stations with the best price for you. Report the gas prices you pass to help others find the best price, and earn points good towards rewards at your favorite brands.

5.    Pay with cash

Gas stations have to pay high credit card fees when you swipe your card and offer discounts when paying with cash. Some gas stations offer up to 10¢ off per gallon when paying with cash, so make sure to have some cash handy and take advantage of locations like this. This not legal in every state just yet, but keep your eye out for it on their gas price signs.

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