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News Cast by Jennifer Jolly:

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This year, more people than ever before are going to be in their cars and on the road. Trusty AAA puts the number at more than 43 million hitting the road this holiday. That’s a lot of traffic. Of course, the smarter the car you’re in, the better.

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This new Kia Sorento that we’re taking for a test drive comes loaded with futuristic features like Uvo smartphone pairing, magical mapping features, even blind spot detection. [truck backing up] All of which can help take the edge off a really long drive. But there are several other gadgets that can also turn just about any car into a smart car. Just put this SuperTooth HD right on your car visor, sync it to your smartphone, and you can make calls, send texts, all without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Combine that with the AppRadio 3 by Pioneer which streams music and other apps right from your dashboard and…done! Now, you’re driving your very own DIY-connected car. But even without any new high-tech toys, a handful of apps can help you save tons of time and money.

Fuelzee scans for the cheapest gas along your route. RoadNinja shows you location-specific discounts for dining, shopping, or even a hotel room if your eyelids start to droop. Waze warns you about traffic tangles or speed snares. If you really want to avoid any unnecessary brushes with Johnny Law, there’s the Cobra iRadar.We have so many more little sneaky tech tools and tricks to help keep your family happy on the go, but for those, you’ll have to stop by and read the column that goes with this video. I’m Jennifer Jolly and this is Tech Now.



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