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Start Saving, Be Happy!

Saving money makes us happy, and it makes you happy too. Join the fastest growing gas savings community in America today.
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135,000 Locations.

Fuelzee covers over 135,000 gas stations around the US. People just like you are working together to report 5 million gas prices a year to help each other save money.
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Get Rewards.

You can earn points for rewards when you report prices for the community. You can earn gas cards, get discounts on your favorite brands, and enter contests to win cash.
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Brands & Packaged Good

Timing is Everything

Fuelzee shows your brand to your ideal audience — users about to purchase. Users searching Fuelzee for a fuel station intend to visit a station within 1 hour. And 25% of those shoppers will purchase something inside a convenience store.

Fuelzee puts your brand in front of your audience right before entering a store–perfect timing!

Winning Emotions

We also reach customers in a moment of happiness. Your brand is a joyful, highly anticipated reward in our app. Your custom offer is not just another coupon devoid of value. Instead, Fuelzee associates your brand with the powerful perceptions of winning and achievement.

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Fuel Stations & Convenience Stores

Price Isn’t All the Drives

Fuelzee is a mobile advertising platform that gives fuel stations a huge advantage over their competition. While customers begin by searching for a station with cheap fuel prices, incentives fuel stations offer are equally influential on purchase behavior.

Fuelzee even lets fuel stations offer a unique reward on a competitor’s page, giving customers an incentive beyond price.

Bring Customers Inside

The highest profit sales for fuel stations happen inside convenience stores. That’s why Fuelzee incentives are invaluable–they give customers a reason to walk into the store to purchase these high profit items.

Draw customers inside your stores with Fuelzee incentives today.

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Fuelzee provides retailers with a unique opportunity to reach customers in highly geo-targeted areas. Since our customers are focused on earning rewards, they value offers and promotions from retailers, and they are likely to redeem it.Our custom advertising platform also allows retailers to closely control and monitor responses to promotions.

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People behind Fuelzee

We believe that a product should be driven by its users, and something as simple as buying fuel should be fun.

Daniel McGaw


Dan founded Fuelzee in 2012 when he realized there was a need for fun and innovation in how we buy fuel. The fuel purchasing experience wasn’t very rewarding, and he knew there had to be a way to make it better! Dan has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and has started companies in the marketing, social, and music industries. He is also the co-founder of Starter Studio, Orlando’s first business accelerator.

Follow Dan @danielmcgaw


Rodrigo Recio


Rodrigo’s love for computers began at age of 14, when he taught himself the Linux and C languages. He dreamed of collaborating with the open source community, and his dream came true when and he founded Owera Software. He developed iShowroom–a mobile app for Brazil’s real estate dealers that has since deployed over 50 custom apps. Rodrigo went on to launch several other apps, ranging from the marketing to healthcare industries. He currently lives in Brazil.

Follow Rodrigo @rrecio


Violette Calhoun

Communications Director

Violette grew up devouring literature, and writing her own newsletters and plays. She’s spent 10 years specializing in copywriting, branding and project management for digital agencies and tech startup companies. Her background includes teaching English overseas and working in the Orlando tech community. When she’s not keeping the Fuelzee team organized, she’s volunteering, playing King of Tokyo, or planning her next travel adventure.

Follow Violette @iamvioletta